Monday, March 24, 2008

Simmons Remaining Humorous

Despite inexplicably not being contacted by the Bucks, now 5 days after the firing of Larry Harris, our man Bill is keeping his sense of humor in his Page 2 post today. Here's a quick exerpt. I'd recommend reading the post in its entirety on Bill Simmons' blog on

(Source: ESPN - Page 2: Bill Simmons Blog,
--"Hey, did you hear that the Bucks finally interviewed Simmons for their GM job?"
--"Who's that?"
--"Bill Simmons, the guy who writes the 'Sports Guy' column for ESPN."
--"No, I know who Simmons is -- who are the Bucks?"

Classic B.S. Yes We Can!


Brewers Fan said...

I read that too. You get the feeling sometimes that he's become sort of arrogant about it. But I'm still trying to help the cause! Yes we can!