Saturday, March 15, 2008

Petition to Have Bill's Voice Heard!

There is now a petition online that you can sign to support The Sports Guy in his attempt to become the Bucks new general manager. So now in addition to a growing Facebook group, Bill Simmons fans can have their voices heard by signing a petition.

The petition also reiterates some sticking points in terms of why Bill Simmons would be a good GM, not just a publicity stunt. Those include:

- "In 2005, [he] wrote that the Bucks should take Chris Paul instead of Andrew Bogut."
- "In 2006, [he] won the NBA Cares Celebrity Fantasy League."
- "In 2007, [his] preseason prediction (San Antonio over Cleveland in the Finals) came to pass." (Bill Simmons for Bucks GM -

So sign the petition and spread the news! Bill Simmons for Bucks GM! YES WE CAN!