Friday, March 7, 2008

Not Everyone on Board

Shockingly, not everybody is on board with the idea of Bill Simmons as Bucks GM...

While reading this article, I couldn't help but notice there was someone being blogged about on the site a lot more than anymore else...a site, by the way, entitled "Awful Announcing." It was Erin Andrews, God's gift to male sports fans across the world...whenever we turn on ESPN to watch a game, she magically seems to be there. Multiple places each night, it seems.

Well any website that's going to associate awful announcing with Erin Andrews loses all credibilty in my book. So chalk another one up to Mr. Simmons...YES WE CAN!

(Picture from,


Jordan said...

hottest picture. Period. Any picture of erin andrews is hot in my book though.

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