Saturday, March 29, 2008

Milwaukee Bucks Salary Situation

As I stated in the previous post, the Bucks have several players tied up long term with huge contracts. has it laid out very well through the 2012-13 season.  The glaring figure to me in this table is toward the bottom, where it predicts the salary cap and how far above or below the cap the Bucks are with the salaries they have tied up in their current players, with $57 million and $61 million in player salaries the next two years, respectively.  Hopefully the new GM that comes in doesn't have plans to sign any free agents until 2010!

Sounds like we need someone who can come up with some brilliant trades...someone, perhaps, who has mastered ESPN's Trade Machine?  I don't know if there is such a person, but if there is...he should probably get some consideration....