Friday, March 21, 2008

Bucks GM Candidates

Perhaps I spoke too soon when I said Bill Simmons was the only man in line for the job. Yahoo! Sports reports that Doug Collins, former Sonics GM Rick Sund and Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh are all candidates for the now open position of Bucks GM. Wasn't Doug Collins a candidate for the head coaching job a couple years ago? And how could a man who once had a curly mullet be considered before our own Bill Simmons, founder of Page 2's "B.S. Report?" Must have gotten the resumes mixed up.

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This also in, the internet in Herb Kohl's home has been down for the last month--as he has missed the cries of tens of thousands of Bucks fans begging for Bill Simmons to be given a shot.

We just have to speak louder. Let's do this, Bucks fans. Let's make ourselves heard!


Brewers Fan said...

That's such BS! GIVE THE MAN A SHOT!

Anonymous said...

that pic is sweeeet