Thursday, April 3, 2008

Comprehensive GM List

Gery Woelfel, columnist for the Journal Times (Racine, WI newspaper), recently wrote an article detailing a dozen-or-so candidates he believes are possibilities. No mention of Bill, but a reader is quick to ask "What about Bill Simmons?" in the comment section of the article. Check out the article here.

Another Video

Another video supporting Bill. This was posted on YouTube.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bucks GM Position: Recent Developments

JSOnline is reporting that the Milwaukee Bucks asked the Detroit Pistons permission to speak to their VP of Business Operations, John Hammond, but Detroit refused.  

The paper also reports as recently as yesterday (March 31) that Donnie Walsh, former Pacers CEO and President, and Rick Sund, former Sonics GM, are also considered candidates for the open GM position at this time.

Still no word on the right man for the job, Bill Simmons, and where he stands.

Kohl on the next GM: “I’d rather not say anything about anybody except it’s wide-open for the best person we can find.”

Monday, March 31, 2008 Give Simmons An Interview staff writer Jeff Sherman, also a Bucks season ticket holder, wants Senator Kohl to "at the very least, fly [Simmons] to Milwaukee for an interview..."  He'll even buy the ticket.  Hell, get all the Bill Simmons for Bucks GM fans to throw in a penny, and you've got a roundtrip flight, a stay at the Pfister and enough money leftover to buy out the contract of Dan Gadzuric!  Well, maybe not that much.  Check out the article here.  Well done, Jeff. 

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Milwaukee Bucks Salary Situation

As I stated in the previous post, the Bucks have several players tied up long term with huge contracts. has it laid out very well through the 2012-13 season.  The glaring figure to me in this table is toward the bottom, where it predicts the salary cap and how far above or below the cap the Bucks are with the salaries they have tied up in their current players, with $57 million and $61 million in player salaries the next two years, respectively.  Hopefully the new GM that comes in doesn't have plans to sign any free agents until 2010!

Sounds like we need someone who can come up with some brilliant trades...someone, perhaps, who has mastered ESPN's Trade Machine?  I don't know if there is such a person, but if there is...he should probably get some consideration....

Fixing the Bucks

Fixing the Bucks is a difficult proposition.  Many times, teams that lose 50+ games in an NBA season do so because they lack talent.  But on paper, this is a Milwaukee Bucks team that should compete for a playoff spot in the weak Eastern Conference.

The Bucks have a star-in-the-making at center, Andrew Bogut...who, by the way, has quietly become among the top centers in the East.  He's no Dwight Howard, but he's very solid.  At power forward, the Yi/Villanueva combination--talent-wise--rounds out an intriguing young front court.  Small forward has been a disappointment.  But again, on paper the Desmond Mason/Bobby Simmons duo should be able to hold there own at the position.  And the back court of Mo Williams and Michael Redd can shoot with the best of them.  Salary-wise, I don't think the Bucks expected their bench to be half bad either (that would be Simmons, Bell, Gadzuric and co.).

So with this team, how are the Bucks about to fail to win 30 games for the second consecutive season?  That's the question that a lot of us Bucks fans are asking.  The solution may not be clear, but the problems are very evident...and very abundant.  Coach K might say its defense--and to a great extent it is.  But most fans, including myself, would diagnose the major problem as a lack of desire.  The Bucks can come out motivated and play a great game and win (the recent Cavs game), then they can come out and play like they don't care and lose to one week.

When you have a problem with players who are not motivated to play a game that they are payed millions each year to play, you can have all the money in the world to spend on a team and the end result is going to be the same.  A disappointing, underachieving team...and fans who want drastic changes immediately.  

It's a shame this is the 40th anniversary of this once proud franchise.  Every time a Bucks legend returns to have his jersey rededicated, the 2008 version of the Bucks seem to play exactly the opposite of their predecessors.

Whoever comes in as the next GM will need a completely fresh approach.  Thus, the reason many of us support Bill Simmons.  Salary-wise, the Bucks have so much money tied up in the current players that it could be years...or several brilliant trades...before they are able to recover.

It's sad to think about when you have a team that is as young and talented as the Bucks.  But any casual fan can see that changes must be made, and they must be vast.

What do you think?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Blog Featured in Page 2's Weekly Links Page

The Bill Simmons For Bucks GM blog has been mentioned in Bill's weekly links page (little less than half-way down the page), along with the Facebook group, and new Hire Bill Simmons petition.  We haven't given up hope, and neither has Bill...although he calls it his "not-a-chance-in-hell campaign."  Hang in there Bill, because we will.

In Bucks news, Andrew Bogut has broken his nose for the second time in three years.  He underwent surgery today, and he will be playing the rest of the year with a protective mask.  Sound familiar?

By the way...what's Jiri Welsch up to these days? Sign the Petition

Check out and sign the petition!  Its a pretty slick looking site, plus they link over to our what's not to like!  Nice work, the more people we can get talking about The Sports Guy, the better our chances are of being heard.